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The suppliers and partners of FeedVit are the leading enterprises in their respective fields, which ensures the high quality and stable supply of the products we are managing.


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13 March 2023 VIV Asia 2023

"Thank you to our guests and partners who honoured us with their visits in VIV Asia 2023. We are going to be happy to welcome you again in VIV İstanbul next July."

14 March 2023 Euro Tier Fair

Feedvit participated as an exhibitor into EuroTier 2022 on 15-18 November, which is the most prestigious trade show hold for livestock and animal farming industry. Our team welcomed visitors worldwide on our booth and introduced Feedvit as a signific


Mycotoxins which are secondary metabolites produced by various types of fungi that are toxic to humans, animals and plants, that is poison, can be caused by food digestion, airborne inhalation, or dermal absorption, different diseases and even death.