In the poultry sector; even thought viral diseases do not show any specific clinical signs of disease, they cause serious decrease in profitability with decrease in herd performance and productivity.

Herd performance and efficiency are mostly caused by impaired intestinal health, syndromes in respiratory diseases, weakening the immune system, not consuption of enough feed and growth problems.

It should not be forgotten that the effects of environment, nutrition and farm management cannot be denied among the factors that play an important role in such diseases. The most traditional and the only way for most manufacturers to increase their immune system is “vaccination”.

Is this the last solution? Shouldn't vaccinations be repeated periodically?

One of the pretty common expression in the industry, “Treatment is more expensive than Protection”, how can we protect the Poultry before the disease; how can we minimize the effects (economic and health)?

Recently, published and stated by experts; The development of disease-resistant animals may be one of the long-term solutions for poultry diseases.

Disease prevention transmits persistent genetic resistance that can be transmitted to a poultry offspring, but in turn, many vaccines provide protection for a certain period of time and are one of the issues that should be re-administered periodically and the pharmaceutical industry does not want us to know.